Cookies, Sauce, Gifts and More! Our story from AmericasMart

What an incredible place! I don’t think that I have seen so much stuff: candy, furniture, gift sets, and the list goes on! Of course, I’m talking about AmericasMart in Atlanta. We participated this year in the show with our colleagues at Charleston Specialty Foods.

If you have never been to the “market” it is hard to fully describe, kind of like trying to tell someone how green the grass is at Augusta National, you just have to see it. There are three buildings with at least 10 floors each. Every building has nothing but products that you can sell in your retail space.  We were located in Building 2, in the temporary showroom that housed gourmet foods. 

For our first time being at this show, it was a good experience. We were able to showcase our sauce, gift sets and share our story with buyers, vendors and industry experts from all over the United States. This kind of exposure is what makes this show great. It brings everyone together in one place and gives people an opportunity to meet face to face.  

If you ever get the chance to be one of these faces at the market, go for it! I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to see this spectacle. Whether you are a buyer, vendor or just a guest it is worth your time to check out the market. All, I can say is that it is almost a surreal, strange adventure in shopping that even a guy will appreciate.

Hopefully, some cooler weather will approach the Lowcountry soon as Oyster Season gets ready to kick into full gear. Check in next week with the Q-Blog, as we chronicle the must have items to get ready for your upcoming oyster roast! Until then remember to keep it saucy!